NADA Alumni

Ace - ADC, SGDC, AADC, AGDC, MADC, MGDC, MSDC, MSCDC, MJDC, ATChC. He is a blue merle Border Collie born March 2, 2009 in Alabama, US from cattle herding parents. His owners got him when he was 8 weeks old and he has been training in foundations and agility ever since. He has also taken part in obedience and flyball early in his career. Ace has an amazing personality, with love for working and pleasing his human friends. At the same time, he loves to cuddle up at night while he falls asleep. Ace is very focused and intense and often times thinks he knows more about where he is going on the agility course than his handler! Ace has been competing in agility trials across Canada since 2011 and has received 4 titles, with a total of 33 qualifying scores, and making the AAC Top Dog list for 2012.

Akola - (AKA EverEndeavor Akola Alya) She was born May 10, 2010, and is an Eurasier. She started pre-agilty training at about 1 year old, but has decided that she prefers rally obedience and basic obedience classes for now! She is on her way to finishing her Canadian Championship in conformation (and was the #1 Eurasier in Canada in 2011!). When not snuggling with one of her people, she can be found cavorting with her best doggie friend, Lucy the Papillon!

Bear - (AKA Archer's Grin and Bear It) - PCD, RI, RN, ETD, CGN. Bear is a German Shepherd Dog mix who was born May 30, 2004, and he is owned by his mom, Katie Manning. Bear got his start in sports with his trick training beginning in 2011, and began training in agility, obedience, and rally obedience with NADA in 2012. Although he had to retire from agility training, he occasionally attends fun matches and game nights with the club, and still trains obedience and rally from home. Bear is a food lover (sometimes a little too much), though he has lost 10lbs since he joined NADA and is still losing weight. He is learning to tolerate his new younger brother, Mozart, though he was never much of a dog's dog, and prefers to hang out with his people. He can be somewhat reactive when large dogs approach him due to a dog attack as an adolescent, and does need his personal space, but he has made amazing improvement in the last few years. He can be shy with new people but he's always come to love all of his instructors by the end of his classes with NADA! He loves to go for car rides, but he especially loves rides when we're driving in the direction of the NADA barn! He's not very interested in most toys but he loves his teddy bear (which sleeps with him every night) who he even protects from his kitty sibling!

Bella - ADC. She is a black sable German Shepherd Dog who literally got stuck on her way into the world in July 2007 and hasn't let anything hold her back since!! She is a very fun-loving and exuberant shepherd who has a fabulous, funny and strong-minded personality!! She is a celebration dog - she enjoys every minute of the day and has quite the zest for life and everybody in it. She is a great working dog and is currently doing obedience training; however she is first and foremost a social butterfly who loves to have her doggy friends come over to play in the backyard or to go running through the woods chasing squirrels. She is a natural jumper and has certainly found her calling in agility. Bella also enjoys chasing balls or going for walks, then coming home to have a good snooze on her favorite bed!! Bella hangs out with and is loved by her human - Rose Browne.

Bo - ADC, SGDC, AADC. He is a red & white Border Collie and was born December 2, 2010, in Quebec, from working farm parents. His owners got him when he was 8 weeks old and have been training him in agility ever since. Bo began his agility training at the age of 10 months old and, originally a dog difficult to arouse, has developed his love for the sport! Bo has an amazing personality, with love for his work, but most of all, love for pleasing his handlers. Bo has a very soft and calm personality with an amazing on and off switch. He is fearful of new dogs that are the in 'your space type' dogs, but once he gets to know them, he opens up. Bo began competing the summer of 2012 and has proven his ability in agility to be great, with a total of 7 qualifying scores so far.

Bristol - RN, CD. (AKA Bristol vom Prescott) She is a working line German Shepherd Dog - West German working lines. She is home bred & her mother was G - CoCo vom Zwischensee, Sch 3, AD, BH. Bristol loves agility as it provides her with an outlet for her drive. She began with the club in January 2013.

Bruno - He was born November 25, 2002, and was adopted from a lonely apartment life at four months of age. His exact breed is uncertain, although his owners were told he is a shepherd (perhaps Belgian Shepherd). Bruno enjoys daily walks with his dad, runs in the country, camping trips, and running alongside when his dad goes skiing. Bruno's owners brought home another dog, Nena, to keep him company, after he got injured and was bed-ridden. Even though Bruno thinks Nena is a bit bossy at times, he loves her company, and wouldn't trade her for anything. Bruno started with flyball and also does agility with his dad now. While he’s getting used to being around other dogs, his dad is simultaneously learning how to have clearer body language!

Bruiser - He was born February 2009 and was adopted from the SPCA. It was very hard to resist his big eyes and crazy ears! Bruiser has a very lazy approach to life, as he likes to do most things while laying down and has mastered the art of looking extremely pathetic, which usually gets him extra rubs and treats. He is super affectionate with people but a little unsure of other dogs, aside from his sister, Jersey. Jersey surely thinks he has been appropriately named! They love to wrestle and play rough.

Erik - (Regalridge Eirik the Victorious) He is an Airedale Terrier, the son of a Canadian champion. He was born in April 2002 in Nova Scotia. Like most Airedales, he rules the world. His passion is soccer, but anything that involves running around in the woods, swimming or getting into muddy puddles is fine. He will do agility, sometimes, if he feels like it at the time, and likewise with flyball. Basically, he just wants to have fun, which is perfectly ok, as we are all about positivity and having fun at NADA. He is intensely sociable with both animals and humans!

Gideon - She is a Border Collie who was almost born on New Years Day 2009 at Windymeadows Kennels (she was just a couple of hours late!). She makes up for that now with her GO-GO-GO! attitude. She is very energetic. She loves to play ball, swim, jump and go biking. On days that she might not get to play outside, she is kept busy playing with her little buddy, Quinn.

Harald - FD, FDX. He has an Icelandic name to match his foster brother, Eirik's. Harald's human-brother rescued his mother from appalling circumstances when he and his two surviving brothers were four days old (November 2005). He joined his family when he was 11 weeks old and is still thanking them profusely for saving him. He is beautiful, powerful and fast and he loves everyone, especially people who don’t mind cuddling him for hours. He has completed beginners agility and flyball, and hopes to progress further, if his owners can keep up ;)

Holly - (AKA Ragged Rocks Holly Berry) She is an English Springer Spaniel from Ragged Rock Kennel in Freshwater, Newfoundland, and was born December 2008. Holly started puppy agility training and is working her way to learning all the necessary skills to become an agility dog. Holly is a very confident, affectionate and high energy girl who loves just about any activity that involves moving!

Jazz - ADC, SGDC. (AKA Tollwest's Illicit Affair) She is a highly active Nova Scotia duck toller, born in 2006. Her training is ongoing in field, obedience, rally and agility. She already has titles in three of these dog sports! She and her handlers took up agility in late 2009 and have completed pre-agility, beginners, intermediate I and intermediate II.

Jazz - She is a black and white Border Collie and was born March 22, 2010 in Quebec from cattle-herding parents. Her owners got her when she was 12 weeks old and she has been training in foundations and agility ever since. She has also taken part in obedience and flyball early in her career. Jazz has an amazing personality, she loves to cuddle up at night and loves all people, all dogs and really enjoys giving lots of kisses to her friends. Jazz has a strong herding instinct which she is learning very well to control and apply correctly, she has a great eye and her brain never shuts off! Jazz has not yet competed formally in agility, however she has been doing quite well at fun trials.

Jersey - She was born in 2008 and was adopted as a puppy from the SPCA. Jersey is a very friendly and affectionate dog. She will take all the attention she can get - both human and canine. She enjoys playing with her doggie buddies, going for hikes or romping through the snow. She has not yet found a treat she didn’t love and is finding out that life with her new people is pretty awesome!

Jones - He is a Yorkshire Terrier that was born April 7, 2012. He started with pre agility in 2013 and participated in his first trial September 2015. He does not have any titles (yet!) but loves practicing agility with his humans (when it isn't freezing cold winter). His favorite activities include hiking adventures and picnics.

Katie - RN. (AKA Ch Telstar's Kiss me Kate - and she likes to kiss a lot!) She is a madly jumping little red Doberman from Texas who came to her owners in late Summer 2007. She's your typical red Dobe, a little crazy, very energetic and affectionate and has miles of energy to spare. "Do not let them jump as puppies!", her owners were told, as they watched Katie jump right over the couch, over the coffee table and into their arms. Katie loves to herd other dogs into corners and was almost expelled from puppy class for herding all the other puppies into a corner!

Liza - was bred by Elizabeth Zedel (Sweetspot Dalmatians), with high hope for a performance and show career. Liza did very well at her first rally obedience trial in Kansas, where she qualified with a score of 95/100 and placed third in the Novice B class. Liza has also done very well in the show ring and she won Best Senior in Futurity at the Dalmatian Club of America's National Specialty, in Lawerance Kansas. In 2010 Liza finished her Can Championship with a Reserve Best in Show and Can Novice Rally Obedience title. Liza is working on her skill in obedience, agility and road trialing.

Lucy - (AKA Canisphere's One and Only) She was born on December 18, 2010, and began agility training as a puppy with her owner and handler, Clare. They both ran their first AAC trials in the summer of 2012. Lucy is a Papillon, a breed often referred to as the "Border Collie of toy dogs", as they are known for their liveliness and intelligence. Lucy is showing great agility and performance potential, even if she has to wear her pink coat in the Arena during the winter when training!

Maddie -(AKA Sweetiron's Irish Descent) She is a black and tan German Shepherd Dog who was born in 2010. Maddie's aptitude for jumping fences and through windows prompted her owners to enroll her in agility. She started agility classes in the winter of 2011 and is also trying out Search and Rescue. Maddie is energetic, playful and loving of people and other dogs. In her spare time, Maddie enjoys spending time with her doggy friends, chasing balls and sticks, and going for walks in the woods.

Max - He is a yellow lab who was born in December 2003. He was adopted in July 2005 from the Central Indiana Lab Rescue, and is very food oriented. For a large dog he is very agile and loves tunnels. When not working on his project to dig to China in the back yard, he can be found wallowing in the mud!

Mesha - She is a small herding breed mix, who is the biggest cuddle bug you will ever meet! She loves to give hugs and play with her toys (usually while on her back). She was born in 2009, and was rescued from the SPCA in Grand Falls. It has taken her awhile to build up her confidence, especially around other dogs, but she is getting there. Her owners hope that by doing both flyball and agility that it will make her confidence grow. She loves to play tug and run around outside. She also loves to play with her sister, Sasha, but the feeling is not always mutual! Mesha also has the makings to be a great sports dog, and her owners have high hopes for this little bundle of energy!

Molly - ADC. She was adopted from Humane Services in September 2007 when she was about a year old. She seems to be a mix of many breeds, but there is definitely some sort of collie and maybe even a little Tasmanian devil in there! Before she was rescued, Molly spent her days tied on outdoors and pacing in little circles, which turned her into a bit of a 'scaredy dog' when it comes to meeting new people. Luckily, Molly seems to be forgetting all that and is getting better at meeting new human friends all the time! Molly's favorite things are going for car rides, hiking, playing with her teddy bears and herding her boomer ball. Molly loves both flyball and agility, but her real desire is to become an otter and spend her life in a pond.

Nadja - RN, CGN. (AKA Ch. Hargrindobes TJ Nadja) She was born Sept 2005 and is an uncropped Dobe who got her conformation Championship title before getting a little too chunky for the show ring. From puppyhood, she was different and liked to walk on a plank across the pond, open cupboards with her twin sister Kisha and steal things off shelves. Cupboards were boarded up and she settled down and took her position as lowest dog on the totem pole. Then came AGILITY. She blossomed, asserted herself, became her handler's top dog, and still steals things with renewed energy and interest.

Nena - FD, FDX. She is a Border Collie mix, born August 1, 2005. She and her whole family were rescued by the SPCA when she was born. Her human parents adopted her when she was so small that she fit in the hand of her mom. She enjoys running in circles around her brother, Bruno, playing with sticks, balls, toys (whatever’s around) and going for runs in the woods. Nena LOVES tennis balls, and, appropriately, her favorite sport is flyball with Auntie Stephanie and her other little doggy friends. She doesn’t even mind learning how to follow rules, because it's done in such a fun way! She loves flying over the jumps and going to a TENNIS BALL MACHINE!!! She is now also learning to do agility with her mom. Nena thinks she will be an athletic dog forever!

Parker - (AKA Parker Bean) He is a Boxer/Bullmastiff cross born in 2008. Parker has been doing agility and obedience in Newfoundland since 2009. Most recently, Parker has taken an interest in Search and Rescue training. Parker loves to play with other dogs and people. He enjoys running, walking, playing ball and of course his agility practice! Basically as long as he is outdoors or being active, he is happy!

Prince - He is a Labrador Husky mix who was rescued by Heavenly Creatures in 2011 when he was about 2 years old. Having lived his whole life as a stray in a remote Labrador community, Prince came to Newfoundland in very poor condition – but with time, love and care (including a major hip surgery!), he has become a happy, healthy boy. While he will likely never be the most athletic dog around, Prince has shown a real aptitude for learning and will be giving dog sports like Rally O a try. At home Prince is a super affectionate and calm guy who loves nothing more than a cuddle, but he's always up for a jog, a swim or a good play session with his 'little sister' Molly!

Ruby - ADC. Born April 4, 2007. she is the little red dog of hope. She was adopted at 7 weeks from St. John's Humane Services. She was predicted to be a beagle terrier cross, but her stumpy legs and ballet stance make her more likely a terrier corgi cross. Of course, her very vocal cheeping means that she is also rumored to be part red squirrel. Ruby enjoys running agility with her momma, playing with her elderly beagle sister Tillicum Daisy, burrowing like a gerbil under blankets and beds, and watching the world go by from the dog clubhouse in the front window of the house.

Sherman -(AKA Ch Hargrindobes Katsky Sherman) He was born March 2011. His mother and father, Katie and Sky, are both members of Nada as is his half sister Nadja. Sherman is incredibly agile and determined- jumps on tables, opens doors and garbage bins and can be a delight and a real challenge!

Spencer - He is a miniature schnauzer born in 2004 at Markwin Kennels in St. John's. He is very spirited and "talks" when he is having a puppy-massage. He loves to run with his ears flapping in the breeze. He rarely meets a dog that he doesn't like, as long as they know he is the boss. He loves to chew on tarter buster bones, do laps around the shed in the backyard, and spar with his step-brother, Ryker, another miniature schnauzer. Spencer has dabbled in obedience and is a new-comer to agility, setting out to prove that miniature schnauzers can-so be trained!

Spiro - He is a Husky/Lab mix from Natuashish, Labrador. He was born around July 10th 2013 and was found motherless under a shed along with his 7 brothers and sisters. He was shy at first, but has learned to be a confident and goofy dog! He loves being active, and absolutely adores agility. He completed beginners foundations along with levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 agility with NADA! He had his first NADA trial summer in 2017 and participated in Regionals with NADA as well. Sadly he and his mom moved away to New Brunswick, but they come back to visit and trial with their NADA friends every summer!

Talise - (AKA Vespera Etched Ice) Her name is Indian for Beautiful Water. She was born in Saskatchewan in 2010. Her owner cannot say it was an easy puppyhood as Aussies like Talise are VERY hard work as they are naturally mouthy, tenacious and extremely clever. Teaching Talise crate games helped greatly with her self control issues and she continues to amaze her handler with the smarts and the passion for working whilst also always wanting to please. In no time at all, Talise got her AKC BN and Rally Advanced titles in Alaska. Whilst in St. John’s, Talise’s skills learned as a puppy on contacts and distance work were fine-tuned and developed amazingly thanks to the excellent trainers at NADA. Her first AAC trial resulted in a 1st place and an AAC leg in Starters Agility before she was 20 months old. Talise has the skillset to go all the way in obedience to Utility but needs time to mature to cope with show stress. She is a real sweetie around puppies and has played carefully and gently with a litter of 5 week old Dalmatian puppies.

Taz - She is a black (mostly) lab and was born around December 2003. She was adopted in December 2004 from the Tippecanoe County Humane Society in Indiana in the US. Taz is short for "Tasmanian Devil" and her name reflects her energy level and personality!


Taz - (AKA Jenric's Taz Mania) He is a Gold/Black Mask Shih Tzu born on March 30, 2011 in Holyrood, NL. Shih Tzu means little lion, but there's nothing fierce about this breed, especially Taz. He is a loyal, affectionate, clever, and fun-loving dog who loves nothing more than to follow his people from room to room! He started agility classes in the Fall of 2013 and successfully completed Level 5 in 2014. He absolutely loves tunnels and the dog walk and gets very excited when he knows he is going to the barn to practice!

Teyla - She is a labrador retriever/smooth coated border collie cross, and a rescue from the SPCA. Teyla and her lesser half completed NADA's Level 2 agility class, having grown up from 12 weeks old learning Silvia Trkman puppy skills, tricks, and handling foundations. Team Little T enjoyed learning about Susan Garrett and Dave Munnings agility methodologies from the NADA instructors, and they will be competing in agility when she is fully grown. She is also looking forward to doing some flyball training when her owner can fit it in! In her spare time, Teyla likes to play fetch, lick the cats, and go for hikes. She also has a new little Border Collie sister now named River!

Tobi - She is an All Canadian with predominantly Springer Spaniel traits. She was born Aug. 4, 2009. As of May 2012, Tobi had advanced with her junior handler to Intermediate 1R. Tobi had also completed in search and rescue and is continuing in Canine Search and Rescue Training. She is very people friendly, loves other dogs and is especially fond of cats. She is very motivated, high energy and smart. Tobi has enriched the lives of her human companions/family and they all hope to be involved with NADA for many years. Tobi's family loves her and are so glad they found her!

Tucker - He is a beagle mix who was born September 2005, rescued as a puppy and adopted from Heavenly Creatures. He slowly warmed his owner's hearts and was a very easy dog to train. He has done flyball and agility and loves to train for agility in the barn. He has trained in Search and Rescue with his handler in which he did very well. Tucker took a break from 2013-2014 due to a TPLO procedure on both knees, but now that he's recovered he's like a puppy again and ready to keep moving! Tucker lives with his little sister, Caprica.

Tutka - HT, PT, RN, RA, RE, CD, NAJ, JSN. (AKA BeBoni Ice Blizzard) She was born in Anchorage, Alaska in 2008. She is Nigel’s blue eyed princess. Considered not conformation material at 13.25’ tall and without a perfect bite, her owners were asked if they thought she could compete in performance. They took her home to Machjic and Misle and she quickly decided that being 11 weeks old was no reason why she could not be top dog! This larger-than-life attitude has meant that by 2 years old Tutka had obtained AKVC Herding titles (HT + PT), Rally Excellent (RN, RA & RE), then her Novice Obedience title (CD). In 2 trials got her AKC Novice Agility Jumpers Title (NAJ). For fun we did the ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America) agility and she got her Jumpers Standard Novice (JS-N)! She then went to Scotland and won Obedience classes with over 35 other dogs, and was nominated for the Crufts Inter-regional Team event tryouts! After Crufts, she flew to St. John’s, where, within 6 weeks of hitting the island, she won 2 first places and 2 HITs at her first CKC Obedience trial! She obtained her CKC CD (with another HIT performance). For a conformation reject, she proves that Shelties are a working breed and looking pretty is a tiny part of the whole.

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