Our Dogs

Benny - He was adopted from Humane Services in 2015. His forever mom is Jennie Murphy and his gotcha-day is May 5. Benny has just begun his agility training but the main focus for the time being is playing/training and establishing a relationship based on mutual enjoyment and respect.

Brandy - ADC, AADC. She is a rough coated Border Collie and was born on July 8, 2010 at Double R Border Collies, Nova Scotia. She was a very eager, curious and sweet pup from the beginning. She was enrolled immediately at 8 weeks of age into a puppy socialization/ basic obedience class in Halifax, NS. Once about 6 months old she began beginner agility and proceeded onward for about a year. Brandy loved agility from the beginning, her favourite obstacles were jumps, tunnels and the tire. Afterwards, Brandy had about a year and a half of no formal agility training due to a move to an area where agility was not popular. She did attend a weekend seminar on disc training and Brandy found another love in disc, freestyle and long distance. She has never competed in the sport, but does enjoy practicing. Upon moving to Newfoundland in the fall of 2013, a family member had seen the president of NADA on the news and alerted Brandy’s parents that there was indeed an agility club in St John’s. Upon contacting NADA and conducting an assessment, Brandy was enrolled into intermediate agility and has been taking many courses and workshops, while enjoying many fun trials and a few trials ever since. In May 2015, she travelled to Halifax to attend her first “away trial” and only second ever AAC trial where she earned her first qualifying score. Subsequently, during the August and September AAC trials held in NL, she continued to earn qualifying scores and received her first AAC title. In addition to agility, Brandy has an obsessive compulsive attachment to her aqua Kong and loves to retrieve it in the water, on land or just carry it with her on her walks. She enjoys walks in the woods, swimming, riding on a snowmobile or ATV, playing Frisbee, playing badminton (no joke), playing soccer and hide and seek games in the house with her toys. She has a very keen nose and excels at search games, such as “kid tracker” where her cousins would hide in a field and she would find them under adult supervision. Brandy is a very playful, but her best quality is her loving, sensitive and nurturing nature. She is an excellent big sister to her new brother J-Jae. She absolutely adores children and would choose to have a child to play with any day over an adult. Brandy is also an actress, and she recently appeared in the movie “Maudie” in the fall of 2015 as the role of “Blackie” with Actor Ethan Hawke and Actress Sally Hawkins. Brandy loved her time spent on set and won the hearts of man actors and film crew. Watch for Brandy’s appearance in the movie in 2016/2017 when it is released. Brandy is an absolute treasure to her family and is cherished by anyone who has taken the time to get to know her.

Caprica - ADC. She is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, born November 25, 2008, who was purchased from a breeder in Saskatchewan. Caprica is a very affectionate dog, loves meeting new people and she is currently doing flyball and agility. She also lives with another dog named Tucker, as well as 2 cats named Yoda and Onyx.

Daisy - She is a CKC registered Brittany Spaniel out of Glaranik Kennels in Eastport, NL. She was born on November 20th, 2013. She is a cuddly girl who is full of love, excitement, and endless energy. Daisy joined NADA in September 2015 as part of the beginner Flyball program and she absolutely loves it! She enjoys spending time with her classmates both during class and at drop-ins. Daisy is an avid partridge hunter, it’s her favourite activity aside from Flyball. She will spend countless hours running through the marsh and flushing out birds. When Daisy isn’t at the barn or on the marsh, she is at home playing with her Yorkshire Terrier sister Penney and her German Shorthaired Pointer brother Tramp, wrestling and playing with toys. When bedtime comes, Daisy refuses to sleep without her sooky blanket that she’s had since we got her. Daisy is a great flyball partner and is loved by so many people!

Elsie - ADC. (AKA Seafarer`s Avalon Elsie) She is a tri-coloured Shetland Sheepdog born June 6, 2010. She came to her owners from Seafarer Shelties in Woodmans Point, NB, when she was 12 weeks old. She is a sweet and affectionate girl who loves to hike, eat wild blueberries and give kisses to her humans. She also enjoys bossing her brothers, Mungo and Hamish, and her sister, Lily around. Elsie began training in agility in October 2012 and received two qualifying scores in her first agility trial in August 2013. She adores the sport and is a fabulous teammate to her handler!

Eve - ADC, SGDC. She is a smooth-coated Border Collie, who was born September 20, 2010. Eve was brought home from Boywood Border Collies in Claremont, Ontario, when she was nine weeks old. Eve is boldly curious, which has allowed her to quickly adapt to her new home, new surroundings and Queen, her big sister, best friend and mentor. Being energetic, athletic, enthusiastic, and a fast learner, Eve has taken well to her agility training, which she began in January 2011. She is a very fast runner, and is a blur on the course!

Finnegan - He is a Dachshund born on June 15th, 2008 and has been training in agility since he was four years old. Finn has tons of personality to make up for his small stature. He loves to swim, go for hikes, boss around his friends at home and anything else that includes spending time with his humans. He is a cuddly and loveable guy who is a pleasure to live and train with. He competed in his first AAC trial in 2013 and received two qualifying scores. Finn absolutely loves agility and will continue to have fun while advancing his learning!

Jake - He is a Labrador Retriever who was born April 18th, 2012. He is a joyful, happy and large boy who LOVES agility. In his free time, he enjoys swimming, mountain biking, hiking and anything that involves making people happy. He earned two qualifying scores during his first trialing season in 2014, and looks forward to learning and competing more in the future. He is an eager and genial dog who is a pleasure to train.

Jenga - (AKA Devongem Let It Shine) He is a registered working English Cocker Spaniel from Devongem, UK, born July 2015. Jenga started with puppy classes with Dynamic Canine, and NADA’s Sports Foundations class, and progressed through the NADA curriculum, Dave Munnings’ Q-Me Foundations, and Susan Garrett’s Puppy Peaks, Recallers, and foundation work in Handling 360. He is a spry dog and has started to compete, and does amazingly! He and his handler also enjoy training tricks, body awareness, foundation skills, and general household manners. He is a keen learner and loves trying to figure out the training games.

J-Jae - He is a smooth coated Border Collie who was born on January 26, 2015 at Rock Loaf Farms, NS. He was definitely the most active of the litter and was very curious about the world around him. Upon coming to his family in NL at 9 weeks of age, he was immediately enrolled in a puppy socialization class and NADA’s foundation class. Upon successful completion of both, he went on to Level 1 agility and began Level 2 agility. Unfortunately, at 9 months of age, J-Jae underwent surgery on his shoulder for a genetic issue, but has recovered and returned to training. J-Jae has turned out to be a very loving dog, who loves cuddles and kisses. He is highly intelligent and very quick to learn new things. His eagerness coupled with his drive will undoubtedly bring him successes in agility. He loves playing with his big sister, Brandy, enjoys walks in the woods, swimming, fetching, any one on one games where he is stimulated. He has a very keen sense of smell and has begun some scent training at home. Although, J-Jae has had unfortunate circumstances in his first year, he is a very confident, energetic pup who is patiently awaiting his training to be able to tackle agility obstacles in a sequence. He is very much a wonderful addition to his family.

Kelsey - ADC, SGDC, AADC, AGDC, MADC, MSDC. (AKA Trystyn's Cat Burglar) She is a Welsh Springer Spaniel from Trystyn Kennels, who was born December 9, 2009. Kelsey started with obedience, foundation work, and pre-agility, and started her AAC career in Summer 2011. She is an incredibly clever and light-footed girl. She was the first agility dog from Newfoundland to compete at the Canada Cup in Ontario (2013), the NS/NL AAC Regionals (2014), and the first dog in Newfoundland to win placement ribbons in AAC Nationals events (2014; 5th and 10th in Jumpers, 9th in Standard). She also earned a spot on the AAC Top Dog list for 2014. She’s competed in AAC in SK, QC, NB, NS, NF, throughout ON and she started her UKI career in Fall 2014. She is a dream to shape and develop agility teamwork with. [photo by Stephanie Smith]

Lily - (AKA Seafarer`s Dreamcatcher) She is a bi-blue Shetland Sheepdog born on April 16, 2014. She came to us from Seafarer Shelties in Woodmans Point, NB when she was 8 weeks old, and she is the full sibling of her best friend and housemate, Elsie. Though she was a shy little girl when she first came to us, she quickly developed an outgoing and bold personality. Lily loves walks, eating carrots and cuddling with her humans. But most of all, she loves playing with Elsie and with her brothers Mungo and Hamish. Lily is incredibly focused and a fast learner, and she is an absolute pleasure to train with. She started foundation agility training when she was 6 months old, and she will soon be competing in her first agility trial.

Loki - Loki is a handsome chocolate and white Border Collie. He enjoys participating in both flyball and agility with his dad, Terry!

Miss Chip - She is a mixed breed, or All Canadian as we say in agility, born May 2006. She had the misfortune of sustaining a hip injury when she was about a year and a half old that resulted in a femoral head ostectomy; a surgical procedure that removes the femoral head and neck from the femur. After much rehabilitation she has come back in full force. Chip loves to run, despite having only one ‘real’ hip, and enjoys a good game of Frisbee and ball. She started agility in the spring of 2009 and after a nervous start she has grown into a confident dog that is eager to try each new obstacle. She spends much of her day lounging about and waiting for play dates with her neighborhood doggie pals.

Molly – ADC. She is a Border Collie, born on July 17, 2010 at the Outback Ranch in Hartland, New Brunswick. She started training in agility at 10 months of age. She has her ADC title and several qualifying scores in Gamblers and Jumpers. She has also completed basic and intermediate obedience training. She loves herding her older brother Pepper, agility, swimming and catching balls and flying squirrels (the toy!). She enjoys life to the max with her owners Sandy Delaney and Wade Young and her big brother Pepper.

Mozart - He is a Boxer who was born June 12th, 2012, owned by Katie Manning. He is currently training for obedience and rally at home, and will begin training in agility and flyball. He is a big toy fiend, definitely much more than his big brother,Bear, and he just can't understand why his brother doesn't want to tug with him! He's a smart cookie, albeit easily distracted by the opportunity to play with other dogs, but is learning to work and play as well around other dogs as he does at home. He is a big love-bug who thinks everyone exists just to visit with him.

Mungo and Hamish - Mungo (right) - ADC, SGDC. He is a tri-coloured Shetland Sheepdog born on June 6, 2010 and his brother Hamish (same parents, different litters) is a black and white Shetland Sheepdog born on April 16, 2014. Mungo and Hamish are from Seafarer Shelties in Woodmans Point, NB. Mungo is a very gentle, relaxed and lovable dog with both people and other dogs, especially his brother Hamish. Mungo loves agility and, in 2015, moved on to the ‘advanced’ level in all categories. Hamish, much like his brother, has an affectionate nature; however, he definitely has a higher energy level. Hamish also loves agility and competed in his first fun and competitive trials this spring and summer (2016). Both Mungo and Hamish enjoy going for long walks in the forest, chasing and playing with each other, meeting new people and dogs, eating berries and eating pretty much everything in our vegetable garden that does not grow underground (e.g., asparagus, beans, tomatoes). Mungo is litter mate to Elsie and Hamish is litter mate to Lily; when the four of them playing together it is chaotic and noisy.

Penney – She is a bubbly and active Yorkshire Terrier who was born on February 29th, 2012. She joined NADA in September 2014 as part of the pre-agility program. Penney has grown significantly since then, particularly in regards to focus and drive. Her favourite piece of equipment is definitely the jumps, regardless of type. Penney enjoys her classes at the barn to the fullest, and she also enjoys popping in for the occasional drop-in. She practices weave training at home on her very own set of 2x2 weaves. She is currently enrolled in AAC starters and competed in her very first trial in summer 2016. When Penney isn’t practicing at the barn, she is at home playing with her Brittany Spaniel sister Daisy and her German Shorthaired Pointer brother, Tramp. She may be the smallest but she rules the roost! She makes sure to protect her precious Ducky, a toy she has had since she was a baby. Penney is an incredible partner and a loving family member, she is loved by everyone!

Pepper – ADC, AADC, SGDC. He is a smooth coat, blue merle Border Collie, born on May 10, 2009 at the Outback Ranch in Hartland, New Brunswick. He started foundations training in agility at 18 months of age and has also completed basic and intermediate obedience training. He loves agility, swimming, hiking and catching balls and flying squirrels (the toy!). He enjoys life to the max with his owners Sandy Delaney and Wade Young and his little sister, Molly!

Piper - She is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever born January 28, 2015. She began her journey with NADA with her enrolment in Sports Dog Foundations in the summer of 2015 and discovered her love for training. During our Level 1 and 2 Agility classes she and her handler found their partnership and she excelled, graduating from Level 2 Agility in March of 2016. She continues to amaze her dad from week to week and she has completed level 4 and even participated in her first trial! Piper loves to train and she is a good natured, playful, quick moving and intelligent girl. At times she may be too clever and strong-willed. She is affectionate and loves to smile and give hugs.

Queen - ADC, SGDC, MSDC. (AKA Reidell Queen) She is a rough-coated Border Collie who was born in December 2004. We adopted Queen from a farm just north of Toronto, when she was seven months old. With her Irish-Scottish bloodlines, she's taken quite naturally to Newfoundland. By nature, Queen is very hard working, energetic, athletic, and loves to please! Queen quite enjoys playing agility, which she began in June 2007; she also enjoys soccer, herding and protecting her newly adopted little sister and best friend, Eve.

Rommel and Sophie - They are both Miniature Schnauzers who have been involved with NADA since Fall 2013 after seeing the agility demo in June 2013. Rommel is the salt and pepper in the photo. He is from Markwin Kennels in Mount Pearl, NL. He’s a confident, extremely happy little guy with a positive attitude. He adores agility and loves to learn and try new things. The pup on the right is Sophie, who is black and silver. She was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario at Ravenswatch Kennels. Sophie comes from a line of working therapy dogs who love people, especially the elderly. She also loves her agility. She is more cautious than her brother running across courses but she excels with positive interaction and praise and makes a great team mate. Rommel and Sophie have been involved in numerous fun trials, and 2015 was their first experience in sanctioned AAC trials held here in the province. Both teams managed qualifying runs in the starters category and will be looking forward to the AAC and UKI events of 2016.

Sailor - (Garrison’s Tall Ship; born March 10, 2011) is an Australian Shepherd who came to Newfoundland from Nova Scotia when he was 13 weeks old. His intelligence and persistent personality has made him a joy to train. He loves to play tug and Frisbee and enjoys long hikes, rough housing with Miss Chip and is a counter-surfer extraordinaire. Although we train mostly in agility we have also dabbled in obedience. Sailor is an eager worker and fantastic team mate.

Sasha - FD, FDX is a Border Collie mixed with something small, who was born in 2004 and adopted from the Humane Services as a pup. Sasha loves to laze around in a soft comfy bed, run circles around the other dogs at the dog park, herd people and other dogs (although she has never been taught, guess it's just natural) but her main loves are Flyball, and Agility. She has a big dog personality in a small dog package and a big set of lungs to go along with it!

Toffee - Toffee is a Norfolk Terrier and just loves running around an agility course with his mom, Margot. He especially loves his squeaky tennis ball!

Yoshi - He is a border collie who was born in 2010, and was adopted by us in 2014. He's very lovable, and a total momma's boy, But he's also very highly driven. His favourtie things in the world are tennis balls and frisbees. His happy hour is when he's at the arena. Doesn't matter what he's doing, He's happy to just be working. He's a fantastic dog, and we can't imagine our lives without him.

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