Please note, dogs participating in NADA, Inc. events and offerings must not be a hazard to persons or other dogs. Please read our Dog Safety and Control Policy.


Non-members interested in any of our classes may apply to be added to the wait list. We strongly recommend that your dog be able to perform the behaviours "sit", "down", "stay" (or "wait"), and "come" on cue, and to respond to his/her name before beginning our agility or flyball classes. Our "Dog Sports Foundation Class" will help you and your dog learn the basic skills we feel necessary to be successful in the dog sports. We also highly recommend clicker-based training classes, as this method of training is both fun for dogs and people, and teaches dogs to offer behaviours and learn quickly in new training situations.


Bring to class:

*Note: Class Drop Out policy If the dog or the handler have an injury/illness that precludes them from participating in the classes, and written documentation is given, then a prorated refund will be given to the individual. Drop-out for other reasons would be as follows: (a) drop out after 1 class: the individual (member or non-member) would receive an 80% refund; drop out after 2 or more classes: no refund.

Summer 2017 Session

There will be no summer classes offered during this session! Check the NADA Store or contact us by email at for more information.

Sports Dog Foundations

The purpose of this class is to provide handlers and dogs with the necessary skills and information needed to create great teams entering sports such as agility and flyball. It is well known that the skills sports dogs need are the same as those that dogs need to be great family pets! The key to any Foundations class, including the NADA Foundations class, is to teach skills that will enable the dog to give attention, offer behaviours, respond to cues, target and exhibit self-control. Some topics that will be covered include: mark/reward, shaping, impulse control, loose leash walking/reinforcement zone, and crate games.


We value quality instruction and as such we cannot have large classes. If you are interested in classes and you are not currently a member, you may contact us via to get your name on the waitlist for public classes; however, we cannot guarantee when it is you will be able to enter the agility classes with us (it depends on the number of individuals ahead on the list for the entry classes: puppy and pre-agility). We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but we are still growing and can only offer services that we can support our existing members. We will try our best to get through the waitlist but it is first listed, first serve after members.

Our agility classes are located on the Clovelly Stables property.

Level 1 Agility (Formerly Pre-Agility)

This class will further improve your relationship and communication with your dog and give your dog the confidence, awareness, and skills that are foundations to the sport of agility. Exercises and homework will focus on basic obedience, impulse control, body awareness, and confidence on solid/narrow/moving obstacles. Dogs that have these skills will learn agility faster and more safely, preparing them for the introduction to obstacles.

Level 2 Agility (Formerly Beginners)

Level 3 Agility (New Course)

Building obstacle/equipment value and Introduction to handling – This class is designed to build the dog's aptitude on the teeter, weaves and jumps for the first half and then focuses on handler only for the second half. Once dogs are proficient on the obstacles the next step in agility is learning how to run the dogs through an agility course. This course will introduce handlers to the basics of handling, including drive lines, front and rear crosses, pivot turns/shoulder rotations, running and support arms, and serpentines. Students who register for this course will have access to drop-ins for the second 5 weeks, to enable teams to work on skills learned in the handler-only classes.

Level 3 Agility - Handler Only (2nd 5 weeks)

Once your dog is proficient on the obstacles the next step in agility is learning how to run the dogs through an agility course. This 5 week Handler Only course will introduce handlers to the basics of handling, including drive lines, front and rear crosses, pivot turns/shoulder rotations, running and support arms, and serpentines. Classes start on Saturday May 30th from 3-4 PM and will run for 5 weeks. This is the second half of our NEW Level 3 Agility but is now opened to those in Level 4 and beyond who may have missed out on Handler only material! *Please note that there are no drop ins included with the course*

Level 4 Agility (Formerly Intermediate, New & improved)

This class is where it all comes together! Dogs are proficient on and have value for equipment, and handlers have knowledge of how to move their dogs around a course. Level 4 Agility involves running sequences of 2-7 obstacles, practicing all of the mechanics learned in the second half of Level 3

Level 5 Agility (Formerly Intermediate 1.5-2)

We have decided not to offer this class due to anticipated low enrolment. Please e-mail the registrar if you would like to take this class and if we have enough interest we will try to schedule one in.

Free-Ring Drop-in Times
This is a come-and-go as you please during times that are not scheduled for classes, events, or personal hours, with no limit on hours of actual use. This option is available for members only who have completed foundations, plus agility levels 1 and 2. Please contact the arena manager for more details.

Dedicated Drop-in Times
This is a personal drop-in time (either one 1hr session per week, or two 30 minute sessions per week). These hours are scheduled by the arena manager and are available to members only.


Flyball Beginners

Flyball is a dog sport in which teams of dogs race against each other from a start/finish line, over a line of hurdles, to a box that releases a tennis ball to be caught when the dog presses the spring-loaded pad, then back to their handlers while carrying the ball.

During beginner level Flyball you will learn if your dog is left or right handed, how to motivate your dog in a fun exciting way, build ball drive, learn how to keep your dogs focused on you while there are distractions close by, build your relationship with your dog, and meet some new friends in the process!

Flyball Intermediate/Advanced

Continue building on the skills learned in Flyball Beginners. This class is tailored depending on the dog and handler and where they are in their flyball training.

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