NADA Events

Do you plan to compete in an AAC trial with your dog? If so, make sure you get an AAC ID card for your dog by completing this form and submitting it, along with your payment at least 3 months before the trial date. This ensures that you recieve your card and AAC number in time to compete.

AAC-Sanctioned Trials

NADA will be hosting two AAC sanctioned Trials for 2016! Please see the AAC Trial Premium Lists for more information.

To learn more about what you might see at an agility trial, download NADA's Spectator's Guide to Agility.

Agility Fun Trials

From time-to-time, NADA will hold a fun trial at the arena, both for training purposes and for fun! Check out our article from December 2012 on NL Sports Talk.

Flyball Fun Trials

Stay tuned for details about Flyball Fun Trials.

Obedience Fun Trials

Stay tuned for details about upcoming Obedience Fun Trials.