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Newfoundland Athletic Dog Association, Inc. is a member-based, not-for-profit organization located in St.John's, NL, and was founded May 27, 2007 and incorporated in June 2007.

We offer classes in Dog Sports Foundations, Agility, Flyball, and Rally to both members and non-members who are interested in trying out these sports. All are welcomed and encouraged to try, and non-members may apply to be added to the Class Notification List.

Membership comes with the benefits of discounted prices for courses and participating in drop-ins for more advanced dogs. Members are expected to assist in various club activities, including but not limited to assisting at trials, helping out at fundraisers, and serving on various committees. Other contributions based on members' talents and interests are also always welcome! To be considered for membership, handlers must adhere to:

NADA's Training Philosophy & Core Values:

  • We do not condone the use of corrective collars (such as prong, choke etc.) or harsh corrections while training.

  • We use shaping primarily (and if necessary, luring for a short time before resuming shaping).

  • We do not use punishment in our training regimes.

  • Flooding and corrections are not in our training regiments.

  • We support the use of clickers and verbal markers in our training and the use of toys and food treats to serve as rewards and motivators.

  • We value the bond that is created between individuals and their dog.

  • We take care to work to strengthen that bond through positive reinforcement methods and eschew negative reinforcement or punishment.

  • The purpose of all of our endeavours in the various sports is to have fun and to help create a dog/handler team that works enthusiastically together.

Please visit the Path to Membership page to learn more about becoming a new student, and a new member!

All of our classes are taught by NADA members who volunteer their time to the club, as both instructors and instructor assistants. Without the efforts of these members we would have no classes to offer!

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