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Welcome to the Class Notification List! If you have never taken any classes with NADA, Inc. previously, this is where you can sign up to be notified of when you become eligible to register for our Dog Sports Foundation class. (Please be advised that while we try to welcome as many new teams as possible per session, there is typically a wait as we have many more interested people than we have space per class.)

If you have taken one or more classes previously with NADA, you should not sign up for the Notification List as this list is meant strictly for new students who have never taken a NADA, Inc. class. You should instead contact the Registrar, and they will inform you on how to proceed with class registration.

Important: After you send in the Notification List form, please ensure you have "" as a safe email contact by adding it to your contact list.  Please also send an email directly to the registrar to confirm contact.   We want you to get into our classes, so please make sure that it is a "good" email so you too receive our notifications.  Without this step, you are likely to miss future email notifications as they will likely end up in your Junk Folder.

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