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IDP Level 2

In IDP Level 2, there are two parts and one exam.  This IDP Level is focused on Level 1 Agility (also known as Pre-Agility) curriculum. 

The accompanying slides and notes for the workshop videos may be found in the PDF "Instructor Development Program Support Materials without Assessments" found on the Instructor Development Program website.

For certification, IDP Level 1 is a prerequisite to IDP Level 2.


Workshop video link:


Workshop video link:

Learning Objectives for IDP Level 2

1) Identify the purpose of the Pre-Agility Skills:
a. Line-Up
b. Down
c. Static Cross
d. Table (with play – no down)
e. Tug Toy Play
f. Release Command
g. “Wait” with handler movement
h. Collar Grab
i. Dog’s Name
j. Running recall to right side (and left side)
k. Go with reward tossed on drive line
l. Circle work routine 1 (Dog on outside circle – large and small)
m. Circle work routine 2 (Dog on inside circle – large and small)
n. Front cross around pool noodle (both directions)
o. Stool Work
p. Wobble Board
q. Plank @ 10” (L/R, Come)
r. Tippy Board
s. Floor (2o2o) – position only
t. Ladder (with Rear Cross on flat)
u. Criss-cross Ladder
v. Set-point bumps
w. Hoop
x. (Not in assessment) Hand touch
y. (Not in assessment) ItsYerChoice
2) Identify the correct (final) performance of the Pre-Agility skills (see above)
3) Identify the ‘typical’ training steps to the final behaviors for Pre-Agility skills (see above)

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