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IDP Level 3

In IDP Level 3, there is one exam.  There are two workshops from this Level 3, one from 2013, and the other from 2019.  It is recommended you review both as they are not direct replications; however, emphasis is on the most recent one due to changes in safety and equipment. 


This IDP Level is focused on Level 2 Agility (also known as Beginner) curriculum.  The accompanying slides and notes for the workshop videos may be found in the PDF "Instructor Development Program Support Materials without Assessments" found on the Instructor Development Program website.

For certification, IDP Levels 1 and 2 are prerequisite to IDP Level 3.

2013 workshop links

Workshop video links

                       Tunnels, Table, Weaves:

2019 workshop playlist link

Workshop video playlist link:

Learning Objectives for IDP Level 3

For each agility obstacle, participants shall understand:
– Safety set-up and key points to share with students
– Performance standards
– Training steps

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