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Rally Obedience Dedicated Drop-In

Saturday, 4:00-5:30pm, for 8 weeks, starting June 1st .

Handlers will work on competitive rally skills while other handler/dog teams work nearby. At each class, teams will set up multiple short rally sequences at various levels. These sequences will be divided by the accordion gates only. Teams will all work at the same time, moving from one sequence to another such that each handler/dog team has the opportunity to work on each of these sequences. Teams are welcome to adjust the sequence to accommodate their experience level. Since dogs will be able to see other teams at work, this will be an excellent place to work on distraction training and ring readiness. While there will be no instructor for this program, handlers are asked to be supportive and encouraging to each other. Dogs should be able to remain in a kennel while handlers help set up sequences, walk the courses, or tidy up at end of class

Rally Obedience DDI's

  • I agree that NADA, Inc. has the right to refuse this registration application for cause, which NADA, Inc. shall deem to be sufficient. In consideration of the acceptance of this class registration, I agree to hold NADA, Inc. including its members, officers and directors, owners of premises upon which NADA, Inc. events are held and their employees, harmless from any claim for loss or injury which may be alleged to have been caused directly or indirectly to any person or thing by the act of this dog while in or upon the event premises or grounds or near any entrance thereto, and I personally assume all responsibility and liability for any such claim; and I further agree to hold the aforementioned parties harmless from any claim for loss of this dog by disappearance, theft, death, or otherwise, and from any claim for damage or injury, be caused or alleged to be caused by negligence of the parties aforementioned, or by the negligence of any other person, or any other cause or causes. I hereby assume the sole responsibility for and agree to indemnify and same the aforementioned parties harmless from any and all loss and expenses (including legal fees) by reason of the liability imposed by law upon any of the aforementioned parties for damage because of bodily injuries, including death at any time resulting there from sustained by any person or persons, including myself (ourselves) or on account of damage to property, arising out of or in consequence of my (our) participation in this event, howsoever such injuries, death or damage to property may be caused or may have been alleged to have been caused by negligence of the aforementioned parties or any of their employees or agents, or any other person.  I certify and represent that the dog(s) participating in NADA, Inc. events/classes is (are) not a hazard to persons or other dogs.

  • Newfoundland Athletic Dog Association, Inc. (NADA, Inc.) may provide a full or prorated refund for classes, workshops, or trials on an individual basis. If the class has not commenced, a full refund can be given. If the class has commenced, and the first class has been attended, a prorated amount of 80% of the class fee may be given as a refund. If two classes have been attended, no refund will be given.

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