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Heeling Skills 2:

Thursdays, 4:30-5:30pm, for 8 weeks, starting June 6th, with Marguerite Foote & Jane Hammond

Prerequisite for this course: successful completion of Heeling Skills 1. (Please note: the handler will need to complete the requirements of heeling skills 2 in order to progress to the next course (i.e. Rally Level 1) but might find themselves still in heeling skills 1 for some skills while they have progressed to heeling skills 2 for other skills.) Dogs coming into class should have faded out their Standing and Pivot Platforms such that the dog is successfully completing those exercises without the platforms. The goal of this course is to continue building on the games learned in Heeling Skills 1, while also focusing on adding more precision elements to those games to build teams that are heeling both with great joy and accuracy. Consistent training at home between classes will be necessary to be successful. Crating is required for this class but instructor will provide support for students who are still working to help their dogs relax in their crate.

Heeling Skills 2

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